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Raising the Roof

Join us for an evening of Good Cheer, Music and Awards

An opportunity to celebrate Inclusion, Diversity and Excellence

Supporting Architectural Leaders of the Future

ICCC International Student Design Competition

Thursday 19th October 2017

Set in the iconic St George’s Hall in the City of Liverpool

Hosted by Universal Inclusion and Liverpool City Council

An event in support of the ICCC International Student Design Fellowships

Combining the cultural and acoustic excellence of this iconic neo-classical design with a musical ensemble from around the world

Prestigious ICCC awards to be given on the night

We’re delighted to be joined by the BAFTA Nominated Actress Kiran Sawar and a multitude of entertainers

Contact Jacqueline Winstanley to Register your interest:

Telephone:  07496 035028


Skype:           jacqueline.winstanley228

Twitter:        @univinclusion

LinkedIn:      Jacqueline Winstanley