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Welcome to the launch of the official Courage and Sparkle Foundation 

Founded in 2016 Courage and Sparkle is the culmination of the vision and legacy of the beautiful and courageous Una McBride; Humanitarian and Entrepreneur.

The concept of Courage and Sparkle represents the very core of Una who responded to the Cancer Dragon in ways which, not unsurprisingly for those who knew her, culminated in creating ways to improve the lives of others.

Una was a complex lady; classy and chic, way ahead of her time, with an enormous capacity to love and the desire to help others to be the best that they could be.

Una had a very clear vision and expressed her wishes about the Foundation and it’s work going forward and I am delighted to be taking the Foundation forward as Executive Chair. 

Una wanted her brother Sean to be our Patron and we’re delighted to be able to fulfil her wishes.

Our Advisory Board is made up of people who will bring the skills needed to make Una’s legacy a lasting success, alongside those who will ensure the essence of Una continues to be embedded in everything we do – Bernie Whelan and Beryl James.

I hope people will understand the time we have taken to reach this point as most of the people involved, in line with Una’s wishes; are fighting their own battles whilst coming to terms with the loss of Una. 

We are in the early stages and no doubt we will make mistakes along the way as we grow.

What will bring us together, cement our vision and make us the very best that we can be, is our love and respect for our Founder and her wishes. 

Jacqueline Winstanley

Executive Chair



Again, not unsurprisingly Una gave clear instructions on the organisations who could benefit from the Foundation in her name. 

Una has chosen to support the following organisations through the Foundation:

  • Queenscourt Hospice 
  • Pink Shoe Club 
  • The Youth Charter 
  • International Council of Caring Communities 
  • The Windsor Consultations 

We will do this by hosting a range of musical, educational and Fun events alongside traditional and evolving fundraising. 

I still remember Una’s face when we were planning the Foundation and she thought of the name and her face lit up. 

Una was very keen to host an event which would be uplifting, sprinkle some sparkle for everyone who attended, including people who like Una were facing battles in their lives, whilst she was still here with us. 

Our first event was a concert in St George’s Hall in Liverpool which was fantastic and you can see how wonderful it was here.

Una received incredible support from everyone around her, far too many to name here and you all know who you are and the role you had to play in making the Concert such a huge success.

We are planning our next event and details are on our events page